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Our three organizations – St. Peter's Health Care Services, Northeast Health and Seton Health – have long legacies of providing excellent care while continuously adapting to changing community needs.

This is a tribute to the dedicated physicians, associates, nurses, staff and volunteers who help us carry out our missions every day. We have combined our strengths to create an organization that continues these traditions with increased creativity and renewed commitment.

St. Peter's Health Partners is a member of Catholic Health East, the parent corporation of St. Peter's Health Care Services, and will abide by the Ethical and Religious Directives of the Catholic Church. However, the new company, St. Peter's Health Partners, is not a Catholic entity. Organizations that are currently part of St. Peter's Health Care Services and Seton Health will retain their Catholic identities. Organizations that are currently affiliated with Northeast Health will remain secular. The merger will better allow the organizations to combine their complementary strengths and better meet the sweeping challenges of federal health care reform.

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