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Community Benefit

Our Mission

Founded in community-based legacies of compassionate healing, we provide the highest quality comprehensive continuum of integrated health care, supportive housing and community services, especially for the needy and vulnerable.

St. Peter’s Health Partners’ Mission guides everything we do. As we continue our healing ministry into the 21st century, we are called to both serve others and transform care delivery. We reinvest our resources back into the community through new technologies, vital health services and access for everyone regardless of their circumstances.

We call our commitment “Community Benefit Ministry.”

Community benefit is an organized and measured approach to meeting community health needs. It implies collaboration with a “community” to “benefit” its residents by improving health status and quality of life.

In our communities, St. Peter’s Health Partners’ many community health programs are restoring wholeness and well-being to people.

Year after year, St. Peter’s Health Partners reinvests in communities with funding for charity care, primary care services, screenings, education and research. And the commitment has risen in proportion to the needs.

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